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Verona Court homes are the only residential care facilities in Southern California offering compassionate, personalized care from a team of experienced nurses, LVNs, and healthcare professionals, with integrated access to comprehensive healthcare services including home health, home care, hospice and transportation.

The healthcare knowledge and nursing background of our expert administrative team allows us to communicate with medical teams effectively and efficiently, ensuring the highest quality of care for your loved ones.

Verona Court began with a vision: to provide a safe and loving environment where care and compassion are at the forefront (for our full origin story, please click here). Nearly 15 years and 13 homes later, Verona Court is the only residential care facility that offers comprehensive care, all under one roof.

Residency is intentionally capped at a maximum occupancy of 6 residents per home, with a 3:1 resident-to-caregiver ratio. Our Verona Court Residential Care Facilities consistently meet the highest standards of excellence and quality of care in Southern California.

The warm, intimate residential setting of Verona Court creates a true sense of community between caregivers and residents. You can always sleep easy knowing your loved ones will be treated with dignity, respect and compassion by people who know them and genuinely care about their wellbeing. Your loved one is our loved one at Verona Court—always.

24/7 Care

Each Verona Court residential care facility provides 24/7 care, with a minimum of two live-in caregivers to ensure the needs of your loved one are always met. Regular onsite visits from experienced registered nurses (RNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) continuously preserve optimal safety and quality of care.

Through our parent company, Parentis Health, we are able to provide more for our residents, including home health, transportation and hospice services. In the event that your loved one’s circumstances change, Parentis Health’s Continuity of Care model ensures that the quality of care is never compromised, extending access to appropriate health care services.

Every Verona Court Home Features:

  • Electronic security systems

  • Resident’s Rights

  • Fire safety equipment

  • Open floor plan to foster community

  • Upscale Orange County Neighborhoods

  • Large, inviting well-manicured yards

    Assisted Living

    Verona Court residents experience the same comforts of everyday life, from three nutritious, home-cooked meals daily to cozy living rooms and beautiful gardens where they can relax and rejuvenate.

    Occupancy at Verona Court is intentionally capped at a maximum of 6 residents to preserve the warm, intimate home environment experience. Our 3:1 resident-to-caregiver ratio ensures that everyone receives the individualized care they need, along with the respect, dignity and compassion they deserve.

    Being able to connect with family is essential to staying healthy, so families are always welcome at Verona Court, from regular visits to special occasions. We enjoy celebrating birthdays and holidays with our residents and their families, and offer engaging activities, live music and holiday meals throughout the year.

    Memory Care

    Memory loss and forgetfulness are normal parts of the aging process, but for those with advanced memory issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia, the need for specialized care is paramount.

    At Verona Court, memory care services are immersive and incorporated into everyday life, from behavioral therapy to engagement with fellow residents, family and caregivers. We provide Alzheimer’s and dementia patients with an individualistic approach, in a safe and secure home setting.

    Our holistic approach engages the whole patient—enhancing their sense of accomplishment, promoting their physical and emotional well-being and reinforcing their connection to society.

    Respite Care

    Verona Court provides respite care for short-term stays. Respite care can be very helpful for primary caregivers who need a temporary rest, or for seniors who need a higher level of care throughout their recovery and rehabilitation process.

    At Verona Court, respite care residents are provided with the personalized care they need for successful recovery. The close relationship between caregivers and residents in a warm, intimate home setting relieves the stress of recovery while promoting holistic healing.

    Our respite care residents enjoy the same benefits as our long-term residents at Verona Court, from private rooms, daily, home-cooked meals and activities to 24/7 access to nurses, LVNs and on-call physicians.

    Supportive Activities

    Our supportive activity programs are designed to promote the overall wellbeing of our residents, preserving their independence, personal identity and self-esteem, while promoting meaningful relationships.

    Verona Court offers three levels of activity which have been established by the National Association of Activity Professionals, offering a whole person approach to recovery and everyday care:

    • Supportive activities, including creating comfortable, familiar living spaces, playing music, bingo, promoting personal creativity, and employing sensorial techniques like pet therapy and aromatherapy
    • Empowerment activities, including many of the same kinds of activities residents enjoyed in their own homes, like cooking, gardening, and socializing, as well as ample opportunities to connect with Verona Court staff and volunteers
    • Maintenance activities, from exercise and discussion groups to spiritual support, Verona Court residents are given many opportunities to socialize and experience active, engaging lives

    We also offer a complete continuity of care, including home health, home care, hospice and transportation, serviced by Parentis Health, as well as comprehensive care management at no additional cost.

    We work with families 1:1 to ensure that their loved ones get the care they need. Please contact us for a personal assessment or to schedule a tour.

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