Frequently Asked Questions

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1How is Verona Court different from other facilities?

Verona Court is different in many ways—from the type of facility we are to the quality of care we can provide.

Unlike large assisted living facilities, Verona Court homes are classified as Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs), which are more intimate and more personalized.

Verona Court residences are actual homes in upscale Orange County neighborhoods. The homes are spacious, comfortable and warm, with a six resident maximum, plus a 3:1 resident-to-caregiver ratio, and a two-caregiver minimum per home. The ratio of resident to caregiver ensures that residents receive the highest quality of care at all times.

We provide comprehensive care services to residents, with all-inclusive, fixed pricing for life; our pricing is transparent and never changes—even if the level of care does.

Through Parentis Health, our parent company, we offer a true continuity of care—including home health, home care, hospice and transportation, as well as Care Management services, from a single provider source. Our relationship with Parentis Health ensures we can deliver care quickly, easily and efficiently.

2How much does residential care at Verona Court cost?

At Verona Court, we offer all-inclusive, fixed pricing for life, plus comprehensive care management at no additional cost; while other facilities charge monthly rental and service fees separately, implementing tier level pricing that is often subject to change.

We are transparent when it comes to pricing—no tier levels, no hidden fees—and we always advise about costs up front, so you’ll never be caught by surprise.

3Can Verona Court help me with Medicare/Medicaid or insurance?

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive Care Management services through Parentis Health to help you and your loved one easily navigate through the healthcare journey.

We can also help you handle all billing matters, so you can focus on your loved one—not how to pay for their care.

4Are caregivers onsite at all times?

All Verona Court homes provide 24/7 care and feature regular onsite visits from highly experienced RNs and LVNs. There are at least two specially trained caregivers at each home at all times.

5 If we need to contact someone, how long do we have to wait to hear back from a Verona Court team member?

We are available 24/7 and respond to all queries directly and in real time.

6What memory care services do you offer?

We approach memory care with a whole person, holistic perspective, employing targeted activities established by the National Association of Activity Professionals to engage residents fully with supportive, empowerment and maintenance activities.

7Do meals provided accommodate people with culturally-based dietary restrictions, like Kosher, Halal, vegetarian/vegan diets?

Yes! At Verona Court, we ensure every resident’s dietary needs are met, whether they’re medical, religious or ethical-based. We discuss meal plans with patients and families at length to ensure that everything we provide meets their standards at all times.

8Do residents have to share rooms, or can they have their own room?

Residents always have the option of a private or shared room.

9Can residents have their own TVs, iPads®, and laptops in their rooms?

Yes. Residents are welcome to bring their own private electronic devices.

10Can residents have their own phones?

Residents are welcome to keep mobile phones and use them as normal. A house telephone is also available for resident use.

11How safe are Verona Court homes? Is there any kind of security or alert system to protect residents and staff?

Each home is equipped with state-of-the-art safety and security systems that are continuously monitored to ensure optimal resident and staff safety.

Safety measures include:

  • Electronic security systems
  • New locks on all doors
  • Fire safety equipment
12When can I come visit my loved ones?

Our visiting hours are currently 10 am to 7 pm every day, including holidays and weekends. If you’d like to visit your loved one before or after hours, just let us know in advance so we can accommodate your request.

13Does Verona Court have a Covid-19 policy?

Yes, Verona Court has a Covid-19 policy and follows the California Department of Health and CDC guidelines.

14When are meals served each day?

Breakfast is served at 8 am, lunch at 12 pm, and dinner is at 5 pm each day. Meals are nutritious, home-cooked, and prepared fresh each day.

15Can I take my loved ones out for social occasions and events?

Absolutely! We encourage families to socialize not only inside the home, but outside as well, whether it's just a short errand or a Sunday brunch.

Please note: All residents must be signed in and out by family members to ensure all residents are safe and accounted for.

16Can my loved ones bring their own sheets, towels and decorations?

We provide new linens and towels for each resident, but they are welcome to bring their own if they’d like. We encourage families to bring items like photos, mementos, special pillows, and artwork to personalize their room.

Residents may also bring small furnishings, including small chairs and even recliners, if they can fit inside rooms easily. Anything residents bring with them—including linens, clothing and personal items—should be labeled with the person’s name for easy identification.

17My loved one has some favorite TV shows they’ve watched for years. Will they still be able to watch their shows at Verona Court?

Yes! We have communal rooms where residents can gather together to watch favorite shows, news, movies, sports, and more.

Residents can also bring their own televisions and watch privately. Basic cable service is provided free of charge.

18How safe are the neighborhoods Verona Court homes are in?

Verona Court homes are located in beautiful, upscale residential neighborhoods in Southern California.

Activities like walking are essential to rehabilitation and good health, so we ensure that each home has access to safe, easily navigable streets, sidewalks and walking paths. Our residents frequently go for walks in the surrounding areas, accompanied by staff, family and friends.

19Where are Verona Court homes located?

Our homes are located throughout South Orange County, California, in the cities of Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, and Mission Viejo.

20What happens if a resident requires home health, transportation, or hospice services during their stay at Verona Court?

Verona Court is uniquely equipped to provide residents with services to ease transitions in their health journey through our parent company Parentis Health including home health, transportation, and hospice.

We work individually with families to ensure their loved ones get the care they need. Please contact us for a personal assessment or to schedule a tour.

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