What are the visiting hours?

We have an open-door policy for all of our residents’ friends and family. However, we ask that your visits not be disruptive to the other residents, especially in the evening.

Is there a curfew if I take my loved one out of their residence?

There is no curfew. All residents must be signed in and out by family members so there can always be an accurate count for all residents in time of an emergency. If your loved one is scheduled to take medication while out, you will need to sign out the medications and take them with you.

Can I come over during mealtimes?

Absolutely. Breakfast is at 8 a.m., lunch at 12 p.m. and dinner at 5 p.m. You and other family members are welcome to come visit or join us for the meal.

Is there an additional charge for a “special diet”?

Certain health conditions require a menu containing low salt to control hypertension or even high salt for those who have trouble swallowing or an accommodation for diabetics. The monthly fee covers all special diets, with the exception of liquid diets or culturally based diets requiring long preparation time.

Can residents have their own television or radio?

Yes, but if the resident is in a semi-alert state we recommend that you wait for about a month so the resident can adjust to his or her environment. Basic cable service is provided free of charge.

Can residents have a telephone?

Yes, but if the resident is in a semi-alert state or suffering some form of dementia, we recommend not installing a telephone in the room. A house telephone is available and the staff will make local telephone calls for our less-alert residents.

Can residents have a computer?

Yes, if the resident is alert..

What personal items should residents bring with them?

Things like photos, mementos, pillows and wall fixtures are very important. We allow a small chair or even a recliner providing it fits in their room. We have new linen and color-coded towels for each resident; however, residents can still bring their own if they prefer. Please place name labels on all clothing and personal artifacts.